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Every company, institution and professional has a heritage of images, that tell its story, recorded by movie cameras or other modern devices, and has stored these visual materials over the years, trying to preserve them but without watching at them or without using them as often as they could.


All these photographs and videos are your company and professional archive: depending on the activity carried on by the company, or the institution, it can be enriched with other iconographic materials which are especially meaningful, such as playbills, advertising posters, illustrations and sketches, calendars, drawings and renderings…


Professionals also have got their heritage of images, which testifies and enhances their career and the goals achieved along various experiences.

The company was truly experienced as a big family: when we met there was a sense of being part of a whole. Edison accompanied me for a long period of my life, and if I look back on it, I remember it as if it were my own country.

We can edit all your images to create:

  • celebrations of anniversaries and special occasions, events or persons that have been substantial in the history of the company, or of specific products and results achieved over the years
  • video content for museums and exhibitions
  • video presentations for public events, for staff meetings or sessions of training or team building, but also for promotional newsletters, and for video conferencing, (on streaming or not)
  • video stories telling the career of professionals which are looking for new collaborations and new opportunities

DAC proposes a creative video editing that will give a special attention to the specific characteristics of your company (or of your profession) and will find an original and necessary way of connecting images that have been produced for different occasions and that are very often functional ones: nevertheless, we can rework them for promotional and communication purposes.


And if the photos are printed and the videos are in film (Super8, 16mm, 8mm…), we will take care of digitization.


An outstanding enterprise can be revived: this is your enterprise!