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Formats and ideas

School diaries The class photo The holidays at the end of the school year Filming the school trips Youth games and sports finals Students demonstrations and occupations of the school The night before exams Graduated at last! Study holidays and holidays after diploma University enrolment Student parties Non-resident and Erasmus students Beings successful at the most difficult exam On graduation day Evening classes and refresher courses…

Our school career is marked by stages that in some ways are pre-established and yet unique and certainly (hopefully) unrepeatable.


These are memories we all share: each one of us can still remember the first day in school, or the graduation day, or this professor she/he couldn’t stand… and our desk mate in high school is still our best friend now that over 30 years have gone by…



The events that occurred in the school years were often recorded on pages in a diary or in photographs and slightly faded films, while for the new generations everything is in whatsapp groups or instagram stories - that can record every day or every hour our fears for oral tests and written exams that are always the same. And the class register is available online!


To celebrate the end of a school career, or the return from a period in the Erasmus programme, or the long-awaited graduation day, it is possible to compose together all those memories and realise a true coming-of-age story…



We can use:

  • photos
  • videos
  • high school diploma
  • whatsapp/instagram screenshots

Possible outputs:

  • video-congratulations
  • video-invitations to holidays or graduation parties
  • video-gifts