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Today, each of us has got a part of their life recorded - starting from the most remote past up to five minutes ago - on old cameras, cell phones, or other devices; each of us has stored visual memories while years were passing by, trying to preserve them but without watching at them as often as they could - so all those memories are losing their primary meaning.


This set of visual materials - photographs, videos on different media - is your personal and family archive.


We propose an original and necessary work which consists in connecting - through an accurate and creative video editing - those fragments of your life that you have been producing over the years. And we will do it for retracing the steps of your history, which is unique, and which will be told with your own words!

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out
Alfred Hitchcock

Our edited videos can be a present, to make to other people or maybe to ourselves.
Have you ever thought, to give just a few examples, of:

  • a gift to the spouses: telling their story, from the very first meeting (or almost so) until their wedding day, or for their honeymoon, or for their bachelor party
  • a birthday present, or for a newborn baby, or for a new professional adventure (or for the start of retirement!)
  • the celebration of a diploma or degree, or of a victory in sports
  • the tale of a journey or of a special holiday
  • editing of showreels or videos resuming a professional career

Please note that we can also include drawings (the first drawing made by your child, your last portrait …), old letters or postcards, diary pages, notebook pages (maybe you have a special Moleskine on which some years ago you wrote down a important thought…), even some whatsapp screenshots (or the old text messages, or a skype conversation…), that have marked your story.


And if the photos are printed and the videos are in film (Super8, 16mm, 8mm…), we will take care of digitization.


With our editing work we write people's stories: they talk, move, laugh and “they have places to see, people to meet…”. Composing all these stories is a necessary step that brings back memories and emotions in those who have lived them, adds something missing for those who have lived them from a distance, or brings them to the attention of those who had no idea these stories ever existed. Shedding light on them helps you to look back at your history with the pleasure of a rediscovered flavour, and maybe some kind of sweet nostalgia.


We tell a story and we make you relive it: it is your own story!