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Formats and ideas

Videos for staff meeting and team building activities Videos for newsletters Videos for promotionals ads Videos for social media Videos for (e)conferencing Videos for (e)call and (e)meetings

More and more frequently, in communications between companies, their partners and customers there is a strong need to integrate (e)meetings and (e)conferences with different video materials, as well as to be present on the web with images rather than words: some research has found that the communicative impact of one minute of watching a video would be equivalent to reading nearly two million words.


Once they were power points full of data and information that guided a company report, now communication has evolved so much, even in terms of available digital platforms and tools, that it is not possible anymore to think of a (e)meeting without a video presentation for supporting speeches: video presentations have become practically essential for having success in public events, internal meetings, training moments and team building activities, but also for promotional newsletters and conferences call, streaming or not.



But 99.9% of the communication agencies that deal with producing these videos never use archival materials: this is the added value that we offer you!