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Formats and ideas

Discovering you’re pregnant Nine months and all its moments Her/his name… The first ultrasound scans It’s born! Happy birthday Here you are, newborn baby How we were when we were children The first cries, the first steps… The turning points The day of baptism You are one year old! The first day at school Finally teenager Coming of age

When you’re thinking of a newborn baby you immediately start to smile in your heart, and it is such a smile that embraces everything that counts in life: for this reason every year we’re ready to celebrate our birthday, every year with some different emotion because our story becomes rich in moments, days, events, dreams and reality.
On the editing timeline - this is how we call our workspace as editors - we can work with the very big amount of visual materials we produce for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, such as photos, videos and many more elements that can be composed graphically together (greetings messages and cards, ultrasound scans and greetings on Facebook…).
Your favorite soundtrack can be added to accompany or highlight the most significant moments of your story.
This video storytelling is able to build and celebrate the history of your life, no matter whether your biography is still short or is a longer one, and can become a present for important occasions or to make a birthday anniversary a very special one.
We can use:
  • photos
  • videos
  • greetings cards
  • drawings
  • facebook screenshots, whatsapp messages
Possible outputs:
  • video-congratulations
  • video-greetings
  • video-invitations to birthday and baptism parties
  • video-gifts