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Formats and ideas

A surprise party House warming party The holiday party Bachelor/ette party The birthday party Graduation party Wedding invitations Important anniversaries Five is wood, twenty-five is silver, fifty is gold! The retirement party Labor Day Let’s party for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Easter and Easter Monday, Communion and Confirmation, All Saints and Halloween… Valentine's Day Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day Women's Day

Each celebration claims the people you care about and the invitation is like the trumpet blast at the start of the party!

So a video invitation is the most direct, complete, rich and effective formula to let everyone know that you are waiting for them to be together with you at this celebration. 

Viceversa, a video can be also a very special kind of present, certainly effective and very original: realizing an editing of the photos and videos of a person you're celebrating, you will make her/his eyes shine...

We can compose it with your own words, pictures and videos or with those created and proposed creatively by us: the message will be seen by everyone with pleasure and interest and will engage with some imagination and create the desire to participate.

The video present will be a nice surprise - for instance, for your beloved one for Valentine's Day, or for your mom and dad for their celebrations: it will be very special to retrace your emotional bond through the images from the past and we will bring all those memories alive again.

Then, let’s party!



We can use:

  • videos
  • photos
  • greeting cards
  • pictures from cartoons and films
  • menu

Possible outputs: 

  • video-invitations
  • video-gifts