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Formats and ideas

20, 50 or 100 years of history Anniversary of a product launch A new joint venture In memory of a founder Celebrating a corporate success

When your company is celebrating an anniversary, then we think this can be the perfect occasion to have a video editing of your history, which can be very compelling for your clients - and for the audience which is your target.
It occurs very often that companies and institutions guard a heritage of archival footage: this is an audiovisual documentation of their activities that is a high quality one and that testifies the choice a specific medium, that has been used to tell specific stories.
Several examples are available: Ermanno Olmi and his documentary series on Edison, but also Bertolucci on ENI; also Antonioni, Emmer, Camerini have been confronted with the peculiar language of industrial films.
It is then possible to dip into this archival footage, that has got a great historical value but also precious and surprising things to tell, and to obtain a serie of video editing made of extracts from these industrial and institutional documentaries.
Also, we can use photographs, renderings, brochures, advertising posters, illustrations and sketches, calendars, drawings…
This is another possible way to celebrate your history: some times this is history of families that are the founders and souls of an enterprise, some other times this is the history of an institutions that has got an important place in a society/community, and these video editing are meant to illustrate how they have been building over the years their unique and historical value.
And they can also help strengthen the sense of belonging of women and men which are the backbone of your company.
A promotion campaign can be small, medium and large cut, but certainly the reworking of the past stands as a smart and wise possibility, and that is able to convey a compelling and powerful message to the audience. This is true for companies and institutions, and even for city councils and administrations when the elections day is approaching…
The main picture and the video published in this page are from my work “A theatre of imagination”, realised for the 90° birthday of Maestro Pier Luigi Pizzi for La Fondazione Teatro alla Scala di Milano.