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Formats and ideas

Your first encounter An unforgettable journey Your places, your song, your film… Pictures from a life together Distances to be covered Houses and families Such a perfect day The proposal and the ring Invitations and congratulations Bachelor-ette party The wedding day Honeymoon

The wedding day video is really a must have: all married couples have got it in a drawer and enjoy watch it again maybe on special occasions.


But we can do a lot more if you decide to dust off all the images of your love story: we can create a real storytelling and the video editing will offer you some surprises and special effects too, and this is to be a wonderful present for the spouses. This is particularly interesting when (and since) it occurs that our loved ones or our friends keep pictures and moments of us that we ourselves don’t remember at all, and maybe they have never thought of sharing them with us in such a special way.



Another gift that can be very welcomed for the newlyweds is the story of their honeymoon put together with a creative editing: for sure, it was an unforgettable experience, and yet the risk is that pictures and videos that have been taken during the journey are stored somewhere but rarely watched with the same intensity with which they were produced…


Last but not least, the bride and the groom would be very grateful to friends and families if their bachelor/ette parties were celebrated with a nice video-history of what their lives were like before the big decision of getting married was taken: when they were young, very young, and free as birds…



We can use:

  • photos
  • videos
  • invitations, menu of the wedding dinner
  • letters, text messages, postcards and emails, whatsapp / social media screenshots…

Possible outputs:

  • video-greeting cards
  • video-invitations to wedding party
  • video-gifts