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Formats and ideas

On holiday with mom and dad Your mountains and beaches School trips The first journey with your friends Interrail and the like: let’s move on Your first trip all alone A weekend with her/him Your East and your West A special spot Xtreme experiences Your ideal cities The most faraway spot you’ve ever been…

I t is typical: photographs and videos of our holidays are always there, in all our albums, once physical, now digital.


Since when our cell phone became handy photo and movie cameras, every moment in a journey is ready to be captured: the amount of registered images during a trip has hugely increased, whether it is you alone or there are other people with you.


And yet, in an inversely proportional manner, the time we have to organise them in folders has been more and more drastically reduced, not to talk about the time to make copies and backups, or print the nicest photos, or even to watch them sometimes.


The production of images we experience during a holiday is for sure one of the most prolific of the 2.0 era. Also, they are extremely useful to make post on the web, to say friends where we are, in which wonderful spot in the world we are located at that specific moment…



It would be great, al least for the most important and unique journeys, to have a visual composition of the best moments, using amazing photos and funniest videos - maybe we can add also a postcard never sent, or the card of a restaurant where you’ve tasted a special food… We can accompany the images with a “local” soundtrack, which is the music you’ve danced on an everlasting night, or with a map on which the km you’ve traveled were put on paper forever…


Another idea is to resume some trips made in a specific period of your life, or with special friends, or in a specific part of the world - finding a way to have a fil rouge running over your travel memories.



We can use:

  • videos
  • photos
  • diaries and drawings
  • maps
  • train, bus, airplane tickets
  • postcards
  • passport and visa

Possible outputs:

  • video-tales of journey
  • video-story of honeymoon
  • video-postcards