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Formats and ideas

Actress/Actor Baker Chef Designer Ethologist Fisherman Geologist Hotel manager Interpreter Jeweller Kinesiologist Librarian Olive Grower Personal Trainer Reporter Stylist Taxi Driver Veterinarian Window Dresser Zoologist

Are you a professional in the creativity? Although you are not, are you searching of new job opportunities and new paths to take?


Now, you can show your skills and the resume of your career in a more attractive form, an edited video of great impact. The plain written words can’t be enough to give your character the right depth, while a video rundown of your jobs and qualifications can be well orchestrated, with the right music and some useful graphics, and can make the doors sliding in front of you and widen your audience of possible employers, customers and clients.

We all know that we now live in the society of the image.


Whether you work directly with the image world (like actors, models, stylists, set designers do...), whether you are perhaps a cook, a barber, a yoga teacher or an architect, you have to do with with the outward appearance of your work, which is best told with the dynamism and rhythm made possible by the moving pictures language.


The show must go on!



We can use:

  • videos
  • photos
  • business cards
  • curricula

Possible outputs:

  • showreel
  • video-curricula
  • video-business card