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Formats and ideas

The first steps The first cross-country race The first race The big leap The hardest climbs The trainings The important competition My passions in sports The best matches All your victories Some funny defeats The goals achieved

Since we were children, sports amused, involved and committed us: now it is even more present in our lives, asking for our continuous efforts and dedication but promising in exchange a physical and mental well-being which is new every day.


The amount of the images that recall our past victories in sports is not able to tell the real and valuable meaning sport has got for us.



What about giving ourselves a present - the possibility to watch again how we are when we practise everyday or special activities - how and whether we are similar to professional sportsmen/women; and to rewind a video capturing the best moments, with the rhythm of a music which is able to accompany and enhance our goals and victories, maybe to show to friends and families and also to someone we defeated…


For whoever sport is everything, or a lot, or not so much after all, the emotion of watching again and again our victories is priceless!



We can use:

  • photos
  • videos
  • whatsapp/instagram screenshots
  • certificates of participation in a sports competition

Possible outputs:

  • video for celebrating a victory or a successful career in sports
  • video-gifts