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Discovering you’re pregnant Nine months and all its moments Her/his name… The first ultrasound scans It’s born! Happy birthday Here you are, newborn baby How we were when we were children The first cries, the first steps… The turning points The day of baptism You are one year old! The first day at school Finally teenager Coming of age

School diaries The class photo The holidays at the end of the school year Filming the school trips Youth games and sports finals Students demonstrations and occupations of the school The night before exams Graduated at last! Study holidays and holidays after diploma University enrolment Student parties Non-resident and Erasmus students Beings successful at the most difficult exam On graduation day Evening classes and refresher courses…

The first steps The first cross-country race The first race The big leap The hardest climbs The trainings The important competition My passions in sports The best matches All your victories Some funny defeats The goals achieved

Your first encounter An unforgettable journey Your places, your song, your film… Pictures from a life together Distances to be covered Houses and families Such a perfect day The proposal and the ring Invitations and congratulations Bachelor-ette party The wedding day Honeymoon

The very first job The new colleagues Being successful and getting promotions Let’s have a change of work and city! Missions and transfers Office and home workers One sabbatical year Retired at last!

Actress/Actor Baker Chef Designer Ethologist Fisherman Geologist Hotel manager Interpreter Jeweller Kinesiologist Librarian Olive Grower Personal Trainer Reporter Stylist Taxi Driver Veterinarian Window Dresser Zoologist

On holiday with mom and dad Your mountains and beaches School trips The first journey with your friends Interrail and the like: let’s move on Your first trip all alone A weekend with her/him Your East and your West A special spot Xtreme experiences Your ideal cities The most faraway spot you’ve ever been…

A surprise party House warming party The holiday party Bachelor/ette party The birthday party Graduation party Wedding invitations Important anniversaries Five is wood, twenty-five is silver, fifty is gold! The retirement party Labor Day Let’s party for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Easter and Easter Monday, Communion and Confirmation, All Saints and Halloween… Valentine's Day Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day Women's Day