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Formats and ideas

The very first job The new colleagues Being successful and getting promotions Let’s have a change of work and city! Missions and transfers Office and home workers One sabbatical year Retired at last!

Our job career, such as the school career, is something we all have in common: we can share many experiences, positive or negative. For some people working is like breathing, for other is being short of breath… and in the middle there are many of us: we do our job with passion and we’d like to remember some moments and achievements that have marked our story.


Usually, the job career is longer than the school one and although many working days are almost exactly the same there are also many topical moments not to be forgotten.



Just think, for example, of the first odd jobs we all do (maybe to pay for our studies, or a much desired trip) and of the big change when you’re hired for a nice work position for which you’ve studied so much. Or think of when you’ve had a promotion that you’ve been desiring a lot but that then was a bit scary to you. Or still, think of when you couldn’t stand that job anymore and you’ve packed everything and you’ve moved to another city, starting a new adventure that was most exiting or simply better for you.


Sometimes, we’re convinced that all these moments have been left behind us without no one documenting them, but it can be a very nice idea to bring out all those memories to celebrate a promotion or the end of a path (maybe even the retirement, that for someone is long-awaited!): this is definitely going to be a very welcomed and surprising gift.



We can use:

  • videos
  • photos
  • organizer
  • professional email
  • facebook screenshots, whatsapp messages

Possible outputs:

  • video-greetings
  • video-gifts
  • video-invitations to welcoming/retirement parties