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“Archivi d’impresa”: a book which tells about companies’ archives looking forward to a possible future and to new scenarios of enhancement and digitization.

“Archivi d’impresa”, edited by ANAI (the Italian National Archival Association), is the volume that collects the experiences of archivists, historians, managers, professionals, public officials who - taking various roles and with different skills - have dealt and are still dealing with this particular type of archives, which are produced and preserved by the rich and varied system of Italian companies. The book was born from an idea of Giorgetta Bonfiglio-Dosio (Professor of Archival), Carolina Lussana (Director of Fondazione Dalmine - Historical Archive of Tenaris) and Lucia Nardi (Head of Historical Archive of Eni), and tells us the evolution that the archives of Italian companies have seen over the course of almost fifty years. The volume contains over thirty contributions which, with crossed perspectives, address the theme in its various aspects. All these contributions make an interesting story of the evolution of this important and little known element of our cultural heritage, looking forward to a possible future and to new scenarios, thanks to a digitization which makes possible a great enhancement of that precious element.

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